Anti Graffiti Window Film

…improves the working environment for employees and customers. LLumar performance films can reduce glare by as much as 83%

Anti graffiti window film is most commonly used in high traffic areas which are most prone to graffiti attacks. It can not prevent a determined vandal. It is designed to create a disposable barrier between the glass and the substance used to deface the glass. It is thick enough to protect glass from most forms of vandalism or accidental damage. However they are clear and virtually invisible when mounted on the outside surface.

Anti graffiti window filmNegative Effects of Graffiti:

  • Cost to building owner and taxpayers to remove or cover up.
  • Can damage the surface of some materials thus decreasing or eliminating value to owner.
  • Unsightly graffiti will make building, business and city less attractive or completely unattractive.
  • Negative impact on tourism and business.
  • Negative impact on community pride and identity.
  • Will create negative feelings between residents and graffiti instigators, and probably towards youth (if they appear to be the main source of graffiti). Could result in confrontations and less support for youth programs.
  • Could increase confrontation between tagging gangs.
  • Could discourage people from making improvements to buildings, property, and cities.

A vandal may attempt to scratch the glass or uses acid etching chemicals to deface the window. They are actually damaging the anti graffiti window film, not the glass.

Benefits of Anti Graffiti Window Film:

  • Easy to clean. Use basic cleaning materials.
  • Scratch-resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen.
  • Flexible multi-laminate construction.¬† Protects the underlying glass from damage.
  • Quick-release adhesive. This allows faster film removal and replacement without leaving sticky residue.
  • Suitable for glass, mirrors, marble and stainless steel.

It is a lot cheaper to replace the film than a whole window!

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