Decorative Window Films

are a very versatile product and come in many shades and colours and have uses internally and externally

decorative window filmsDecorative window films can be used internally and externally in many ways.

Externally, decorative window films can be used to make your building stand out. Or you can use it to create designs enhancing the exterior.  Giving your building a new uniformed appearance, or to help it to blend in with its surroundings and other premises.

Internal decorative window films can be used in many ways:-

  • To partition large spaces, zoning areas.
  • To provide calm quiet areas.
  • To produce areas where privacy is required.
  • Anywhere you would have traditionally used etched glass or window blinds. Decorative window films are a cost effective, uncluttered alternative.
  • To enhance the visual impact of glass.
  • To match the colour of your rooms or create a contrast.

Available in a variety of light densities and colors ranging from almost invisible to reflective colors.

Additional benefits include solar control, protection from UV rays and additional privacy. For more information please contact us. Advanced Tinting have been established many years and are able to advise you on your best options. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the tinting solution you need.