Safety Film

safety filmHas a number of uses in the working environment, should a glass pane break accidentally or by vandalism the use of appropriate safety film can limit the damage and danger of injury.

  • Upgrade glass so it breaks “safely”.
  • Retain glass when it breaks.
  • Deter or slow down an intruder or vandals.
  • Safely holds toughened glass in place in the event of spontaneous breakage.

Is your glass safe? Does it comply with Health and Safety Executive recommendations (Regulation 14) this regulation stipulates that you’re glazing must be safe below waist height in windows and below shoulder height in doors. If an accident on your property results in injury from unsafe glass, you may be prosecuted

Safety Film Standards

Our safety window film meets the governments BS EN 12600, BS AU 209 Part 4A, BS6206 and GSA criteria. If your glass does not have a British Standard Kite Mark, it does not comply with regulations. We can install Safety Film that will ensure that your existing glass complies to British Standard BS6206 Class A or B, for a fraction of the cost of replacing all the glass. Our clear security window film & tint also blocks 99% of the damaging UV rays making it ideal where ever goods are displayed

Safety film is a similar product to security film though it will not with stand the same force of impact that the more expensive security film will. However it will reduce the effects of accidental damage. It can be used to brining existing glass up to current British standards of safety rather than going to the expense of replacing existing glass

Window glazing is often the weakest point of a building, but replacing it with safety or security glass can be expensive and very disruptive.

There are many safety films available in dark shades and one way film can help prevent against would be criminal’s prying eyes therefore protecting staff and expensive equipment. It also deters would be thieves because it keeps the glass and the shards in place, preventing a thief from entering the premises easily.

LLumar performance safety and security film is a cost effective way to upgrade existing glass and it can be installed quickly and easily.